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Title: Tag, You're It!

Author: shycapri8

Length: oneshot (broken in 3 or 4 parts ><)

Pairing(s): ot5? Hehe...ooh...

Genre: smut, crack

Rating: hmm...R? Or maybe-just maybe Nc-17

Summary: No one wants to be it especially when playing this special game of tag.

Day 1: Jaejoong

Great just great, Jaejoong shifted restlessly in his seat, waiting for the moment the bell rang, signaling the end of classes for the day. He did not want to stay around school premises after the day finished. No, he definitely didn't.

"And that is how you get an egg into a water bottle-" And the teacher was cut off by the bell.

"Yes!" Jaejoong shot up, ready to head out. He was saved by the bell.

"Jaejoong, please sit. I haven't dismissed the class yet", The teacher ordered. So he thought he was saved. Any other minute wasted sitting here, and he was as well as dead.

"Well can I dismiss myself? My dignity and well being-heck my life is on the line here. I have to go sir", Jaejoong pleaded desperately. He had to get home as quickly as possible and he had to get his teacher to understand that.

"No. Your grades are what's on the line. I'm not quite sure you have grasped the concept of getting the egg into the bottle, Kim".

"If you don't let me leave, please, then the bottle will not be the only thing that will have something shoved in it".

"Are you threatening me? I'm guessing you're asking for detention" The teacher raised a brow suggestively. Actually, that didn't sound so bad to Jaejoong. So raising up from his seat, he walked up to the front of the class. Taking an egg in his hand, he chucked the egg at the teacher's face; gasps of shock going around the classroom. Seeing the teacher wiping the yolk from his glasses, Jaejoong grinned widely.

"I'll go for that detention sir".




5pm. All the students were sure to have gone home by now. Jaejoong was absolutely sure of it. Eyeing the snoring figure napping on the desk in front of the class, Jaejoong tip toed out. The halls were deafly silent. All that was heard were the squeaking of his sneakers against the newly stripped tiles. Even mice don't squeak this loud!

Monday, the start of Tag Week. Last week was dumpster week; something that wasn't exactly fun on Jaejoong's behalf since he was, in fact, the one who was thrown into a dumpster. The stench of past expired milk still remained in his hair. His cat still chose to drink water everytime Jaejoong walked past him at home, hissing at the smell he left lingering around. But, even that's better than unwillingly becoming a participator of Tag. It was no ordinary game of Tag either. This was It Tag. Jocular High's version, created by the school's previous attended alumni and carried out by each and every year of seniors. A sick tradition he called it. Damn him for still being a Junior at the worst convenient time. He should have just stayed at his previous school. If only that school didn't take pride in using food inappropriately- at least the students did.

Every year, the seniors would randomly pick a few students from the lower grades, and deem them as it. But, of course not before chasing them down and catching them. And a simple tap on the shoulder did not deem you it. Things are actually done to a person; things Jaejoong did not want done to him.

"Look what we have here guys" A group of seniors from the football team, lined up before Jaejoong just as he reached the doors to exit out of the school. "And to think we missed out, having to go to practice" One of them cackled, stepping forward. The guy's face looked familiar too. Crap, Jaejoong recognized him from one of his classes...he just didn't know which one. "And to think you would've missed playing a game of tag with us since you got detention". Oh, he was from Jaejoong's last period class. Just his luck.

"Um...I really have to go home you guys, my mom is really worried..." Jaejoong stepped backward, trying to think of a way to escape.

"Trust me, this won't take long at all. Now, you can still choose to run, or you can stay where you are and become it" The senior from his class presented him with his two options.

"Or, you all can step aside and pretend you never saw me and we can go on with whatever we all were about to tend to" Jaejoong threw in option 3, darting his eyes, looking for an opening. He was starting to regret sneaking out of detention.

"We're about to tend to you" All of them began walking toward Jaejoong; panick taking over him.

"Yeah, um I never quite got your name..." Jaejoong fiddled with his fingers, silently wishing for help to come along.

"You can call me X. You're the spot" X, from last period class, told him. "Now, on your mark-"

"Wait!" Jaejoong stretched out both arms in front of him, as if to ward them off. "You don't want to do this. My mother will not like it if she found out what you guys are planning to do to me" He stated in a warning tone.

"Then I suppose you get your overly feminine looks from your dad" X snorted.

"Excuse me?" Jaejoong had stopped moving back, actually taking a foot forward.

"I'm just saying that if you're using your mom as some type of a threat against us, then I have no choice, but to infer that your mom is really a man". Jaejoong clenched his jaw tightly, not appreciating having his mom be insulted.

"Yeah- well who's to say? The last time I checked, I came out of my mom's vagina; unlike you, who apparantly came out of your mother's butt while she was taking a crap. No wonder your face resembles that of an ass". Jaejoong gulped at the cracking of knuckles, thinking he should've kept that comment to himself. So much for coming to his mom's defense. Then again, she wasn't here to fend for him.

"I suggest you run...now". X was in a way, nice enough to give Jaejoong a 5 second head start before they caught up on him, dragging him into the boy's bathroom. I should've joined the track team!


Day 2: Yunho

The coast seemed to be clear. No seniors in sight; yet. Creaking open the locker door-no, wait. He was stuck. The locker door was locked. Someone put a lock on his locker door! "Oh yeah..." He remembered asking someone to lock it for him just in case the seniors did think to check. "Is anyone out there?"

"Uh...yes?" A person responded, looking to see where the voice was coming from.

"In here!" He directed the person over. "Hey I think I know you", He squinted a bit, getting a closer view of the person's face. "Aren't you Jaejoong?"

"Um yes...are you a senior?" Jaejoong questioned, pulling back a bit. Then he wondered why a senior would lock himself in a locker... "Wait, Yunho?"

"How'd you know?"

"We were in the same summer class, remember? And you managed to get yourself locked inside the closet..."

"Actually, I had went to get some erasers and someone closed the door behind me", Yunho clarified the story.

"Yeah, so what's the combo?" Jaejoong tugged on the lock.

"1 left to 1. Full right to 2. And back, counter clockwise 3".

"And how long have you managed to not be found out?" Jaejoong asked befuddled, pulling the door open. Seeing Yunho stepping out, he heard the latter mumble 'since yesterday' as a response. Then it hit him. Yunho was hiding from the seniors. That was when a light bulb went off in his head. "I know we don't really know each other, but I was wondering if you could help me out with this project".

"What      kind of project?" Yunho asked, eyeing Jaejoong curiously.

"It has something to do with an egg and a bottle. I have to shove my egg into your bottle or else I fail. So are you willing to lend me your bottle?" Jaejoong sent Yunho a friendly smile in attempt to get him to agree. Hey, it was better to coax him. Jaejoong, anyway, was picky and it wasn't like Yunho was at all bad looking.

"I think not", Yunho grabbed his books, turning down Jaejoong's very much weird request. Just as he began walking off to his first period class, Jaejoong ran up to his side, refusing to accept Yunho's refusal.

"How about if I tell you a secret?" Jaejoong offered, adjusting his shoulder strap. "You know one of the senior jocks of Jocular High, has a serious case of jockage?" Yunho immediately paused in his step, waiting for Jaejoong to either continue on, or explain himself because his intuitive side was beginning to flash red flags. Something definitely was not right.

"And how do you know that?" Yunho waited a bit impatiently, seeing Jaejoong suck in his lower lip; obviously in attempt to find something to say. "Yeah- uh stay away from me!" Yunho dropped all of his books, running as far as he can, away from Jaejoong.

"Crap, he figured it out", Jaejoong cursed. "Maybe the egg excuse gave it away".




Yunho wasn't sure of how he was going to get through the day. Not only did he have to be on the look out for any seniors. But, now he had a fellow junior on his tail. Kim freaking Jaejoong- out of all students. Now that he thought of it, how was he going to survive the whole week? Staying in his locker again was out of the question. One: because his parents would send out a missing person's report if he didn't come home for a second night. Two: Jaejoong knew his combination. "Stupid stupid stupid!" Yunho banged his head against the desk. He was going to have to get another lock.

"Yunho, is there something bothering you?" Yunho lifted his head up to face the voice. "If it's about earlier, I apologize. There is no pressure, except I really need you to lend me your bottle before the week ends or I'll be it for the rest of the year. Please try to sympathize with my situation here". Since when did Jaejoong share any of his classes? Now not only did he have to get a new lock, he'd have to change his classes. "So, what do you say?"

"Everyone, stay away from this guy!" Jaejoong's eyes grew wide as he waved his hands frantically, trying to keep Yunho from saying what it was he knew was going to be said. "He's it! He just told me himself!" Jaejoong smacked his head, scolding himself once more for opening his mouth, as everyone in the classroom ran out screaming bloody murder. The teacher was left, staring at Jaejoong with suspicious eyes.

"You're not in this class...are you?"

"Sir, you are so right. You are so smart to have figured that out already. Now I see why you are no more, than just a substitute".

"Out". A finger was pointed at the exit.

"Fine. Your way of teaching is confusing anyway".




"Oh dear...I seemed to have dropped something..." Jaejoong feigned shock as he spotted Yunho coming his way. It was study hall period and he knew not a lot of students actually went to study; instead went outside in the yard. "Oh someone, please assist me".

"What did you drop madam?" Yunho asked, stopping to help a Jaejoong in distress, dressed up in a short mini dress and blond wig. Courtesy of the drama department. Jaejoong's gaze averted downward, Yunho's eyes following to where a pair of panties laid. "Oh uh..."

"What's the name of the handsome fella who decided to come to my rescue?" Jaejoong threw an arm around Yunho's neck, making sure to press himself firmly against the latter's front.

"Yu-Yu-Yu". Yunho was spluttering, failing to get his name out without sounding like a hung up c.d.

"Well there YuYu", Jaejoong took hold of Yunho's hand, leading him off into the supply closet. "I would like to repay you". The door closed behind them with Jaejoong running his hand slowly down Yunho's leg.

"Your pant pant pant", Yunho's mouth hung open, feeling a hand cup his behind. "Your under under under".

"Yes, we're going to do a lot of panting with you under under under me", Jaejoong smirked, witnessing Yunho's horror stricken expression. The latter instantaneously went for the- "Locked. The door automatically locks when shut. It has to be open from the outside" Jaejoong strode up to Yunho who continued turning the knob helplessly. Why would they place an automatic lock for the supply closet? "No one will find us here. I guess the janitor has some dirty business he tends to once in a while" Jaejoong shrugged pulling the dress and wig off, leaving him completely in the nude.

"You're Jaejoong!" Yunho pointed a shaking finger at the older male who had nothing, but a flat stare across his face. "Stay away! I will scream!"

"Go ahead. The room is soundproof; for what reason, I don't know"

"But, you're naked!" Yunho stated the very much obvious.

"Yes, that I am. Can we just get this over with?" Jaejoong rubbed at his arms. "It's beginning to feel a bit drafty in here".

"That's because you're naked! Oh my gosh!" Yunho began breathing heavily into his collared shirt. "You're going to stick an egg up my butt, aren't you?" He slid down against the door, letting his head fall into his hands.

"Can I tell you what they did to me?" Jaejoong asked, crawling up to Yunho's slouched form. "They abused my bottle. Badly. It still hurts as a matter of fact. And do you wanna know how they abused it?" Yunho shook his head no, but Jaejoong decided to continue answering his own question anyway. "They shoved their egg in me. Then they beat with their...um...beater. Yeah..."

"Mis that mwhat yur gointa do tame?" Yunho mumbled into his palms, before looking up directly into Jaejoong's face. "Hey...who do you get your looks from?"

"My dad!" Jaejoong replied curtly, getting onto his knees. "Do you want me to tear your clothes off or are you going to obediently comply to what I'm asking"

"More like demanding- whoa, wait!" Yunho smacked a hand away from his zipper. "I can do it myself thank you". Yunho, indignantly started with his shirt, working his way down to his pants and shoes, putting them off in a neatly compiled pile in the corner of the closet. Yunho could feel a rush of heated embarassment running to his cheeks. Or was it running downward, due to the reveling stare Jaejoong was giving him?

"You're giving me the honor of taking off you boxers?" Jaejoong purred, letting his hips actuate circular motions against Yunho's, a hand exploring the taller male's back, taking in the feel of the well toned muscles. "I'm honored" Jaejoong slowly slid down, pulling the boxers in the same direction, with his teeth.

"Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh" Yunho kept repeating this mantra of nervousness, the actuality of things finally settling in. He was naked, with a very naked Jaejoong, who was not at all a girl. "Whoa-ohoh!" Yunho gasped, feeling a sudden warmness around the tip of his member. Jaejoong looked up with questioning eyes, making sure to keep them locked with Yunho's, as he let his tongue run teasingly across the slit. So Yunho was very much excited; it didn't take much to bring his little 'friend' to attention.

"Trust me, you'll want to have that hard. It'll keep-" Jaejoong huffed as he pumped himself into the same state; Yunho almost drooling at the sight. "Your mind off the pain you're going to feel when we start. It won't last long though." Jaejoong keened into the touch, playing with the string of precum. Holding his now ready member up towards Yunho, Jaejoong raised a brow.

"You want me to...to...to..." Yunho was spluttering his words again.

"I want you to take my choochoo, into your hoohoo", Jaejoong explained in lame terms. "But, in order for that to happen, this choochoo needs to get a bit wet or else it won't fit when chugging into the tunnel"

"I think you should do that yourself".

"And risk breaking my neck? Haven't you heard of the guy who killed himself, trying to give himself head?!" Jaejoong belched, cringing at the thought. Yunho mumbled a 'it wouldn't hurt to try', earning a glare.

"Then do we have any contraceptive?"

"Contra- what?" Oh, jeez, he's hot and all, but his talking is driving me nuts! Jaejoong was beginning to have second thoughts. Then, again, why did he go after a boy? Oh yeah, because a girl would scream bloody murder, then scream rape- which it sought of was. Jaejoong might as well paint a girl's face unto Yunho's since he was pretty sure Yunho would scream rape also. Now he was being asked about having a condom? It was going to be a quicky! A condom would only slow things down for Jaejoong. "Look here Yunho", Jaejoong hissed through clamped teeth. "We are both males, possessing that of which are not part of the woman anatomy, therefore, there is no chance of conception. I can assure you, you will not get pregnant".

"Wait- you're going to stick that-" Yunho glanced at Jaejoong's hardened organ. "In me- you're going to stick- you? Not the other way around?"

"Yea, uh it's not such a great idea to remain in this hardened state for too long since things will begin to get uncomfortable".

"I'm already uncomfortable!" Yunho practically shouted.

"Well then let's get right to it then, shall we?" Jaejoong weaseled his way behind Yunho, letting his hands grip lightly at the latter's hips. "You might want to bend over..."

"No!" Yunho jumped, knocking both bodies against the door; Yunho's butt pressed where he could feel Jaejoong exactly at the crease of his cheeks. Jaejoong moaned in half pleasure, half pain, since his back was knocked into the doorknob. But, the more Yunho fidgeted against him, the more turned on he became; deciding to grab Yunho's now twitching member. Looks as if Jaejoong wasn't the only one enjoying this. Even if Yunho was still protesting. "St-stop! Ngh!" Yunho's body involuntarily, thrusted into Jaejoong's hand, wanting more. But, Yunho was shaking his head. "You have jockage!"

"What!?" Jaejoong released his hand, shoving Yunho into the shelf.

"Ow..." Yunho rubbed his head.

"I have no such thing!"

"You told me!"

"I said one of the jocks had jockage and it was meant to be taken as a joke! You know, to lighten up the mood!" Jaejoong grunted in frustration. This was beginning to seem like a lost cause.

"Well sorry for missing my cue to laugh!"

"Look here, I'm not about to wear off my hard-on by arguing with a naked idiot" Jaejoong exhaled heavily, calming himself down. "Now, bend over. Please?" Jaejoong thought if he asked nicely, maybe Yunho would just do what he said.

"I'm not an idiot" Yunho mumbled, surprisingly doing what was asked of him. "Now what?" Yunho questioned, feeling a bit 'exposed', having his butt on display and not being able to see Jaejoong's hungry gaze.

"Now", Jaejoong positioned himself from behind. "We get it on" Jaejoong held himself steady, about to enter Yunho's opening.

"Wait- How are you going to enter?"

"I was thinking of taking the lion-lamb approach" Jaejoong teased Yunho with his leaking head; voice clearly expressing his impatience, but thinking how Yunho was actually going along with this, despite all of his interrupting questions- no doubt it was a way to stall him off.


"You know", Jaejoong, in one go, shoved himself into Yunho, eliciting a large cry of pain from the latter. "In like a lion..." Jaejoong smirked, beginning his harsh thrusts, hoping Yunho would catch on to the rest of the unsaid concept.

"I wish you were a g-girl!" Yunho grunted, still having yet to experience any pleasure from Jaejoong's intruding member.

"That would be even more awkward; a girl with a penis" Jaejoong stated exasperatingly, finally drawing out a sound of want from the male in front of him. "But, I'm starting to believe you'd like that; this probably not being your first time anyway" Jaejoong groaned inwardly, wanting to feel himself deeper inside Yunho. He was actually beginning to lose himself too, believing it was a mutual feeling, until Yunho pulled himself off of Jaejoong. Just when he was about to reach his orgasm. "Yah! What the heck!" Jaejoong pulled on Yunho's hips, trying to slide himself back in. "You can't just do that! I'm hurting here!" Jaejoong referred to his now aching member.

"Yes I can", Yunho, with much difficulty, turned around, kneeling up to Jaejoong's pulsating organ. "I just thought it'd be better this way" Yunho smirked at Jaejoong's lost expression. Licking his lips, he bobbed his head downward towards the shorter male's member. "I want you to cum in my mouth" Jaejoong's breath hitched at Yunho's words and sudden change in attitude. Relaxing his throat, Yunho took all of Jaejoong, humming lightly around the base, reaching his tongue out just enough so it touched the tip of Jaejoong's balls.

"Yunho!" Jaejoong rolled his head backward, forgetting about being angry at the fact Yunho obviously had done this before; Yunho was supposed to be screaming his name. "S***!" Jaejoong released into Yunho's mouth; Yunho swallowing all of it as Jaejoong collasped into Yunho's chest, completely sated.

"Out like a lamb" Yunho commented softly, forgetting about himself for a quick moment, until he felt a pang in his lower abdomen. His member still needed some tending to and now Jaejoong was laying on top of it, sleeping- out of all times and places. Bastard!


Wish successful ling01 at 2011-12-30 14:22 (UTC) (Link)
LOL~ i had a great laugh reading this! ^^ i wonder what's with yunho's sudden change in attitude at the end?
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