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Title: Under
Author: shycapri8
Length: oneshot
Pairing(s): ot5 friendship?? Hints of others if you look through a microscope. But, trust me, you won't find anything.
Rating: Pg.
Genre: Light (?) angst (maybe just straight up angst -_-) on the verge of hinted tragedy(?)-it's left up to your interpretation.
Warning(s): character death (but is not mentioned in great detail, more of hinted towards or inferred(?)
Summary: one was meant to be in the sky. One was meant to be carried. One had hidden wings, but decided to remain bound to the ground. The other was meant to envy. One had his wings taken and so, became broken. 5different beings, 5 seemingly different fates. Just because one was given wings, doesn't mean the others can not fly or experience what it's like to have the wind beneath them.
A/n: inspired by Air Gear (anime) 'chain' (underwater mix-an insert song mainly) please feel free to listen while reading and excuse my typical fail :D

~One was meant to be in the sky~

He loved how his feathers rustled against each other and how his hair blew. He loved how his face was caressed and how he felt lifted. These were the perks that came with having wings.

He was one of few who were chosen by the sky; loved by the sky.

''Jaejoongie'', He heard his name. It's as if it was calling out to him and he responded to the call by gliding through the clouds, enjoying the sights below him.

This was the life. This was where he was meant to be.

~One was meant to be carried ~

He wasn't one of those who were chosen. No, he was just like the rest of the ordinary people here who were able to do no more than walk on two ordinary feet. Nothing special about that, but he had no complaints. He still got to feel what it was like.

''Junsu! Look!'' He heard his brother call out to him from above. He saw how the other spread his wings proudly; the rays of the sun shining on them, reflecting off a beautiful set of colors that stretched across the sky. It was quite the sight and he couldn't be any more happier for his brother.

''Jaejoong, stop stalling, I want to go for a ride now!'' He pouted slightly before Jaejoong dove down, not bothering to land as he swooped Junsu off the ground. ''About time. It's boring being on the ground too long. So long'', he let out a sigh before he asked, ''Don't you get tired?''

''Of what?'' Jaejoong looked down at his brother. Junsu remained looking down, smiling contently at the wonderful feeling that washed over him. It was anything to avoid having to look at that beautiful face of his brother's. Rosy cheeks, flawless skin, deep chestnut brown eyes and small pink plumped lips; who's to say that his looks didn't compliment his wings-because it did.

''Of having to carry me'', Junsu whispered his response.

''Of course not. I'll always carry you wherever I go'', Jaejoong held on tighter to Junsu, meaning every word he said. Seeing that the other remained silent, he called out to his brother. ''Junsu?''

'Jaejoong, you get down right this instant!' His teacher yelled from below. By now a small group of spectators have formed around the tower little Jaejoong had decided to climb. Spur of the moment type of thing. He had been playing with the other children on their class trip to the museum. That's when he saw it- the tower. Its altitude was something to take on and Jaejoong did not want to turn down such a challenge. He looked down to see the people who now looked like ants. He waved from the top, noticing two familiar figures.

'Oh my- Jaejoong!' It was his mother, with his little brother who was looking up with awe filled eyes.

'Look mom, look what I can do now!' Jaejoong heard screams escalating as he gained a head start, running towards the edge before jumping off. The people watched in panic as firefighters and police officers made the scene, preparing the large trampoline cloth to catch him when he landed. But, he didn't.

Screaming turned into light gasps of shock the moment two white translucent wings sprouted from his back, catching him mid-fall.

That was the day he and everyone discovered he was one of the chosen.

''Junsu?'' Jaejoong's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

''Look, over there'', Junsu pointed ahead. ''I see Yoochun! And Yunho's with him! Let's go to them, please?'' Jaejoong nodded before diving down to where the two figures stood.

~One had hidden wings~

He stood at a distance, watching his friend double over in pain. He remembered what it was like; how it felt- the molting process. It was agony. And they said, the pain was worth it in the end. He thought otherwise.

"Ah-Yunho!" His friend called for him, clutching at the dirt. He just stood there, feet planted in their spot, refusing to move. It was all too sudden. One moment, they were on their way to the lake. The next, Yoochun fell forward, crying out for some unknown reason which was now known. Yoochun was chosen. But, it was unexpectedly; unanticipated. Then again, it never was. It wasn't, when he found out he was no longer normal. When he found out he was now one of them. "Please, h-help!" Yoochun begged, whimpering. Yunho shook his head before catching a glimpse of a body-no two making their way towards them. That's when he made out who they were.

"Don't worry Yoochun, it'll be fine and over with before you know it", Yunho spoke reassuringly before disappearing into the bushes just as Jaejoong and Junsu landed, running over to assist a now unconscious Yoochun.

~One was meant to envy~

'Mommy mommy, will I ever be able to fly? Will I get wings just like Jaejoong?'

'I don't know sweetie, only time would tell when the sky has made another choice; you'd know.'

'But, the sky is taking forever and I want wings now! I want wings like Jaejoong! How about if I pluck the feathers off the birds and glue them to my arms?'

'No sweetie, that would be wrong and I don't think the sky would appreciate that.'

'Well it would serve it right for taking so long in picking me. I want my wings- oh, do you think Jaejoong would share his?'

'No dear, those are his wings and they are meant for only him.'

'Hmph. No fair.'

He let out a scowl as he watched the two beings circle around him mid-air. Not only did he have to deal with one of his friends being a chosen one, he had just come to find out that another one of his friends were chosen. 'So much for having my own', He cringed in disgust. He was beginning to feel if he should even be associated with them since they were totally different from each other; if he should even consider them as friends. He had, had enough of witnessing the happiness and joy of flying, not being able to do any of his own. It was jealousy close to the verge of disdain. Why did it have to be a few that were chosen? Why couldn't everyone be given wings? That way, there wouldn't be those who flaunted in others' faces and those who looked up and felt inferior to them.

"Changmin!" Jaejoong shouted at the younger male.

"Yes hyung?" Changmin plastered a small smile on his face, quickly dismissing any of his thoughts. Jaejoong swooped down, tackling him over, earning a light grunt from the latter.

"Wanna go for a ride?"

"What-no that's-", Jaejoong didn't give him time to refuse. Sooner than he knew, he was grazing his fingers through the clouds, hearing the light whistling of the breeze that accompanied them.

"Cool isn't it?" Yoochun asked, catching up beside them, deciding to fly higher up.

"Don't go too high up!" Jaejoong warned the other before picking up speed. "How does it feel?" He asked Changmin.

"It feels..." He didn't know how it felt exactly, except, something was off and he knew what it was. This being his first time experiencing how it was like, was less than expected since he was flying by means of someone else's wings. His mother was right, he couldn't share something that belonged solely to another.

"I know, it leaves me at a loss of words as well", Jaejoong beamed, thinking Changmin was speechless because of excitement.

"Why are you doing this?" Changmin softly questioned, feeling uneasy.

"Because, everyone deserves their chance to fly", That response making Changmin anything, but content. That was why if everyone couldn't- no, if he couldn't fly, then he felt no one should. That meant especially Jaejoong.

~One felt a bit insecure~

He sighed inwardly, letting his legs dangle off the edge of the monkey bars as he contemplated in introspect. He wondered how Jaejoong really felt- he knew how Jaejoong felt about flying since it was evident in his radiant smile, but he wanted to know how the other felt about him. It must be a bother, having someone weighing him down, keeping him from reaching and discovering his limit, flying the highest of heights since Jaejoong was indeed favored by the sky the most.

Looking up at the sun, his eyes began to sting a bit. It was the rays-yeah that was it. The sun was just exceptionally bright this day. But, wasn't it always? He took a sharp intake if breath, wiping his eyes. Looking up too long at the sun made his eyes teary-yeah that was it.

It wasn't jealousy, no. It was far from it. If anything, he shared-or at least tried to share-his brother's bliss, knowing he would never feel it the way Jaejoong did. He was just another ordinary one, but with Jaejoong around, he felt like he had an actual purpose; he felt like Jaejoong's wings had become his own. Jaejoong had shown him, given him more of a taste and gave him his chance. His chance to fly. And for that, he would be forever grateful towards the other.

That was why he had to discontinue binding Jaejoong to himself. He'd find confidence some place else; maybe in himself for once, because he no longer wished to look tall underneath Jaejoong's shadow.

After witnessing the love for Jaejoong, the sky had (it was endless; its love, just like the sky itself)...

'Junsu, I could do this forever!'

'I'm sure you can and I'll be here always, admiring you and cheering you on from down here.'

'What are you talking about, silly? You'll be everywhere I go because I'm taking you with me. The sky is for everyone and it'll welcome you with open arms'

"I'm sorry Jaejoong", He wiped his eyes some more. Darn sun. "But, that's where you're wrong. The sky is vast across the horizon. And it's meant to be that way. The sky is only meant for everyone to admire, from below and I'm content in just doing that. There's only one sky and I'm fine with knowing that no matter where you are, I'll always be sharing your same sky, enjoying it just as much. It's meant for you and the few chosen only. The sky can't hold everyone, it just can't. Then how would you have space to fly and fully appreciate your freedom to spread your wings and soar as you please? I just don't belong up there with you; it's not my place. I've been holding you back without even knowing it". Junsu closed his eyes, blocking off any more tears from streaming down his already flushed cheeks. That was when he felt it; the two wings wrap around him, in a caring manner almost as if to provide him with the security he needed. The reassurance he needed. Two arms joined in shortly after.

"Thank you", The voice was barely audible, but Junsu heard it. And that alone, lifted off some of the weight, he himself was holding all along- it was lifted off his shoulders and he finally felt relieved.

And now Jaejoong could feel the same.

It was time to let him go.

~One had fallen~

It was a feeling beyond comparison; one that couldn't be contained and was ongoing like the sky itself, beyond possible measure. He loved it and wanted it all-to feel all of the sky.

This is how Jaejoong must feel every time, He told himself as he somersaulted in the air, shouting out loud for everyone to hear. It was surreal-almost dream like and he was actually living it. The taste was exhilarating, just satisfying and uplifting.

But, he wanted more. He wanted to feel more and experience how far the sky could take him.

I have to go higher. It's either now or never, He picked up on the wind, deciding to allow it to take him up higher. Yes, that's it. There's no limit, there just isn't, He told himself. He could feel it, coursing throughout his body; something he never felt and he wished to stay like this forever.

'Don't go too high up', Jaejoong's warning voice rang in his head just as he felt himself coming closer to the sun itself.

Then he felt it stop. The wind, it stilled from beneath him. Before he could possibly catch himself, he felt himself falling, picking up on velocity as his body spiraled downward. The warmth of the sun immediately vanished and he couldn't stop his body from plummeting through the tree tops. The branches did little to break his fall and the ground did more than enough to break his wings.

"Yoochun!" A voice ran towards him. But, he couldn't distinguish the voice nor the face that hovered over his. His vision was blocked by the overbearing pain that shot up from his back. He failed to notice the dampness of his clothes.

~One had hidden wings, but decided to stay bound to the ground~

"Yoochun!" He heard Junsu call out in horror as he watched him dash towards the body. He followed suit, having to keep from cringing at what he saw.

Blood. Surrounding Yoochun. Spots of crimson decorated the glittery gray of feathers, adding a whole different look; making them almost seem artistic, like that of a painting. The clear moisture that appeared to be droplets of salty dew, caused the pale skin to glisten slightly under the now setting sun. His body had curled up; knees almost to his chest with arms around the legs. His hair was shifted to one side, fully revealing the gloss of his withdrawn pupils.

"It rejected me", He heard Yoochun whisper, before closing his eyes.

It was marvelous in a melancholic way. As if the sky felt his pain; his sorrow. It was as if the sky knew of Yoochun's fate and even though it was saddening, the sky made sure to portray Yoochun's fallen figure beautifully, still showing the little affection it had left for the sorry being.

But, he had seen this before. An eerie sense if déjá vu.

He sat on the bench, watching the birds above him. They were circling above him slowly as feathers floated about, stained. It was that time when the birds would shed their feathers; new ones growing into place. Ever since he received his, he never missed seeing when the birds molted, crying out as one as they experienced the pain together. It actually disgusted him, seeing this because there was always that one bird who grew too eager; that one bird who went against the odds and flew, knowing that its wings were still fragile. Sensitive. Weak. And it was only a matter of time before its wings gave up on it (more like the sky gave up on it, having to show that the bird was indeed too foolish), causing the bird to fall.

So he watched as the others paved its way for landing- a landing that was so harsh, it left no room for resilience since there was no way for the bird to recover from such a fall and fly again. But, it angered him more, knowing it left no room for survival.

The sun disappeared from his sight due to the birds that now gathered closely together, crying out louder than before. They were grieving over their fallen companion; the pain of a lost one being greater than that of their molting wings. Then he felt it. The drop landed on his hand as a shower of red commenced and more birds began to fall; almost in a synchronized manner.

It was as if the sky was mourning with them, crying tears of blood as the birds landed one by one; wings were spread out open, with each of them situated in a circle around him. And he could feel their pain too.

"Yunho...", Junsu held onto Yoochun's hand, his thumb pressing slightly on his wrist. Junsu didn't have to say anymore. He knew the outcome of the situation seeing his friend's limp body lay there as Junsu silently placed the hand gently on his friend's unmoving chest. "He-he.." Junsu let out a strained bellow, wiping the tears that still formulated at Yoochun's eyes. Yunho walked over to his friend, having to fight the urge to weep as well and pulled the other away, coming to the conclusion that it was best if the body remained as it laid. The sky would prefer it that way.

As he led his friend away from the site, his chest tightened, reminding him of the reason why he refused to fly; why he detested ever having wings because when it came down to it, the sky was, in the end, cruel.

Why be given wings just to have them taken away? He failed to find the logic in that and hated the sky for it- for taking his friend. Yoochun had just gotten his wings and the sky had decided to suddenly take them back, as if deeming Yoochun undeserving of them. Yunho formed a fist at the thought. No one deserved that, especially if the person did not ask for the wings in the first place. He sure didn't remember ever desiring the ability to fly.

No, he'd remain here on the ground, never putting the cursed gift to use. He'd allow them to go to waste, out of spite for the one who had given them to him. He'd stay here to protect those who couldn't-who didn't need to fly.

~One did not want to be left behind~

He placed all the blame on Jaejoong. It was Jaejoong's fault Yoochun had come across an unfortunate ending. It was Jaejoong's fault. Yoochun had wanted to become like the other; be loved by the sky. But, due to all the love being directed towards Jaejoong, it left Yoochun without any base-support and so that led to his demise.

It was Jaejoong's fault he couldn't fly. It was plain to see; there was only enough room in the vastness for Jaejoong and Jaejoong alone. A fact he had to accept, but refused to.

He wouldn't have it. He had enough. It wasn't fair for Jaejoong to be able to take off as he pleased, leaving everything as they are. Leaving everything and everyone behind. He wanted to soar too; be side by side with the other.

He didn't want to be left behind.

~One had his wings taken~

It was the only remedy for pain he knew of. The only cure for hurt. He only ever sought comfort from the sky. He had lost a friend, but had held no ill feelings towards the sky, no. He felt no such thing towards the loving sky and came to a compromising thought, that there had to be a reason behind the sky taking his friend. There was always a reason for everything.

So he wondered why Changmin had called him down.

He wondered why Changmin seemed overly cheerful than usually. Then he reasoned, he must be masking his feelings for what happened.

He didn't question nor protest to Changmin's request to be taken on a ride. He probably wants to clear his mind.

Then he wondered why Changmin had one hand in his pocket and why he persisted in trying to shift his body at an angle that would allow him to climb onto Jaejoong's back.

He questioned why the other insisted on being silent, as Changmin fought the hold he had on him, managing to cling onto one of his wings.

"Changmin, wh-", He was cut off by an agonizing scream that escaped his mouth as a sharp pain sliced through the stem of his wing, making its way through the veins. He latched one hand onto the other's arm, attempting to prevent him from cutting any further. But, it was difficult to do so without causing the both of them to fall. Yet, they fell anyway.

As both bodies fell, a trail of blood twirled around them like a ruby ribbon unraveling. Changmin gaped, astonished at the way it almost seemed graceful-the fall, that is and how the blood failed to touch them even though they were in the center of the trailing; the blood behind them, falling around them. It was as if the blood was prancing about, sparkling and gleaming through the clouds, but failing to taint them.

Jaejoong wept; his tears merging with his blood, causing a seemingly pink stream to form, wrapping around his wings, brushing the feathers with light and gentle strokes. The wind was painting him, preparing him for landing, making sure Jaejoong looked just as breathtaking as he did before the fall.

Changmin witnessed it all and it did nothing, but fuel his fury. As they inched closer towards the ground, Changmin shifted their bodies in a way that had him exactly on top with Jaejoong face down. And that was how they landed.

Taking a moment, he had to absorb the sight that now laid below him. The wings were soft kiss pink and there were still traces of color in them; light streaks of color that faded with each twitching of wing. Changmin wasted no time in placing one foot onto Jaejoong's back, immobilizing him as he resumed in his actions, choosing to ignore the other's pleas and cries.

As he felt his wings being torn from him and his breath being knocked out of him, he couldn't help, but inquire the reason for it all-what he had done to have the other act this way. To have the sky taken from him in just a blink of an eye and a pluck of his feather.

The pain lured him into unconsciousness as he had one thought in mind. The sky withdrew its love for me.

~One failed to notice he had growing wings of his own~

Standing at the edge of the small cliff with arms spread wide, he waited for when the time was right enough for him to test his new wings. It had taken him some time to smooth out the jagged edges and rid them of any blood that was left. It took him less time to sew the two together, creating arm straps to fasten his arms in-close to a harnest. And he felt it, the wind and he took it as his chance to put his new wings into action.

"Changmin", But a voice halted him. Turning, he saw Junsu, standing a few feet from him. "Why?" The question tugged at his nerves-no, it pulled at the strings of his heart. "Jaejoong doesn't blame you for it though. He blames himself", The tone was close to accusatory; like the other was actually blaming him for the turn of events that befell upon Jaejoong.

"I-I", Changmin was now facing Junsu face on, taking steps back, not knowing how to handle the confrontation of the other. Junsu held a hand out towards him in a way to appease the latter. He took a few cautious steps towards Changmin as the latter continued stepping back until there was nowhere to back into since there was nowhere for him to go, except for forward, towards Junsu or down. Panic then washed over him.

"Changmin I'm just here to talk. Please think about what you're doing", Junsu remained still, worried he might trigger the younger male into doing something rash. "Step away from the edge Changmin..." Junsu begged, watching the younger male look down at his hands, shaking his head frantically.

"I'm sorry Junsu!" Changmin remained looking at his hands, visualizing the blood that took forever to wash off, but he still could see it. "I-I'm..."

"It's alright Changmin. I forgive you. We-" Junsu paused mid sentence due to an interrupting voice.

"I forgive you Changmin", Jaejoong appeared behind Junsu, a faint smile on his face. Changmin looked up, seeing the other's face was slightly crestfallen. The brightness in his eyes were gone. Because of him. "Now please, move away from the edge" Jaejoong commanded softly. Changmin nodded before complying to the command given. But, as he took a step forward, an unknown gush of wind came over him, causing him to lose balance and fall backward. The last thing Changmin remembered was the two shocked expressions and two panicked voices running towards him.

But, it was too late.

For a quick moment, the wind lifted Changmin up, carrying him for a bit and Changmin at last, had gotten his chance to feel what it was like to fly on his own before the wind shifted, pulling him down.

Junsu kneeled over with Jaejoong behind him. The sky had seeked its vengeance. Even though the fall wasn't too far, it was the boulders that decided to take him. "Jaejoong..." Junsu pointed to where the body laid and where the wings had laid; beside the body. Jaejoong squinted slightly, catching glimpse of what Junsu was trying to show him.

He could make out, on Changmin's back, two small white nubs with jade tinted feathers sprouting out from them. He frowned at the irony.

But, then looking at his brother in front of him, he saw two small lumps on his shoulder blades, beneath his shirt. That caused a smile to resurface just for that one second.

~One had his wings taken, and so he was broken~

"Junsu, just listen to me!" Jaejoong overheard Yunho's voice. The two seemed to be getting into an argument. "I don't want to loose you to that man forsaken sky like I did Yoochun and Changmin. Please know what you'll possibly be getting yourself into".

"I finally have wings Yunho, you of all people should understand that I want to use them and take flight and cherish them. The sky chose me Yunho, just when I thought I was meant to stay on the ground, just to admire the sky from afar".

"Yoochun and even Changmin must've felt the same way. But, that didn't keep them from meeting their gruesome fate!" Yunho's voice was escalating in anger. "Don't be foolish like them! Just because you have them, doesn't mean you're mandated to use them!" Jaejoong cringed at the tonal usage. "Think this over carefully; be rational about the situation here. I mean look at what happened to Jaejoong-", He winced at the mentioning of his name and use of reference.

"That's why I have to fly", Junsu whispered. "Jaejoong always carried me. Now I have to return what he has done for me".

"No you don't", Jaejoong entered the room, causing the attention to advert to him. "Junsu I don't want you to feel like you're indebted to me or like you owe me. I did it because I wanted to". Junsu walked over, bringing him into his arms.

"Can't you see, these things bring-have brought nothing, but pain and despair. I don't want to feel that-I don't want the two of you to have to feel that. Again", Yunho's tone grew softer, his expression falling.

"I'll be fine Yunnie, you don't have to worry about me", Jaejoong assured the other, bringing himself out of his brother's embrace. Junsu held onto his hand, refusing to let go.

"I'm not leaving you behind. You're coming with me". Junsu declared, dragging Jaejoong out of he room and house, outside.

"Wait, what-" Jaejoong was suddenly lifted up at stealth speed, looking down to see Yunho running after them. It took him a while for it to sink in. Junsu was carrying him. Carrying him like the wind used to; like he used to carry Junsu when he had his wings. It felt like he was flying again. Turning his body over a bit, he reached out to glide his tips across the baby blue feathers; feathers that blended beautifully with the sky. It felt nice for a moment, but then it hit him hard. Would he ever get a chance to fly again? The answer seemed far from what he wished, so with different emotions hitting him all at once, Jaejoong began to struggle in Junsu's arms.


"No, I don't want it to be this way!" Jaejoong, nudged Junsu in the stomach, forcing him to let go. "This is how it should be", Jaejoong told himself as he plunged down, closing his eyes, waiting to hit the hard pavement. But, the pavement never came. "What-", He opened his eyes in wonderment to see two arms gripping him tightly. Two arms that weren't Junsu's.

"You idiot. Don't just think about yourself", The voice scolded him.

"Yu-Yunho?" Jaejoong gaped in surprise as Yunho smiled down at him. "When-"

"For quite some time. I just never used them until now", Yunho stated the last part pointedly as he placed Jaejoong on the ground. Then, did Jaejoong get a chance to see his wings. Golden. Such a honorable, admirable color. "Yeah, out of all colors huh?" Yunho chuckled sheepishly.

"Jaejoong!" Junsu tackled his brother, clinging onto him desperately. Jaejoong patted him as to say, I'm sorry. "Don't do anything like that aga- Yunho!" Junsu immediately shifted his attention to the taller male who stood rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. "How dare you hide such thing-no how could you deny yourself like that, berating those who had wings-who never thought twice about using them!" Yunho hung his head in a tinge of shame.

"Junsu..." Yunho didn't know what to say; the words failed to fall off his tongue.

"No! What would Yoochun and Changmin think if they were here and knew?"

"Junsu", Yunho tried again. Junsu shook his head.

"Nope, I don't want to hear it", Junsu was too lost in his attempt to reprimand the other, he failed to see Yunho pointing at Jaejoong who was hunched over by a tree.

"Junsu...", He drawled out. "Look at Jaejoong!" He marched over, grabbing Junsu's head, forcing him to turn to the whimpering figure. The two watched, stoned as Jaejoong's back arched upward, his head ducking low.

Jaejoong ground his teeth as he felt his skin tearing open, giving way for two stems of feathers to peek out. He soon found himself tearing, but not so much of the pain as it was happiness.

"Yoochun..." Yunho let out as he spotted some silver and black.

"Changmin..." Junsu whispered, taking notice of emerald emerging. "He's getting his wings back, but at the same time, he's getting a combination of Yoochun's and Changmin's as well", He stepped forward to help his brother, but Yunho held him back. He smiled watching feathers of white sprout as well. "Yoochun and Changmin get to fly again, this time as Jaejoong's wings."

And Yunho thought, maybe the sky is loving afterall. Jaejoong really is loved by the sky.

~One was given a second chance from the sky, to fly once more~

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