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Fic Constellation List (Oneshots and Drabbles only) [under construction]

Posted on 2029.12.29 at 22:33
hey you guys this is my list of Oneshots and Drabbles. You can find the list of Chaptered fics here .
  1. Anything rated Pg-13 is because it includes male/male relationship/interaction. Anything rated Pg would be regular friendship fics, but depending on the content. Most of my Pg fics will include language and angst of any level. Any G rated fics would be fluffy.
  2. My way of listing my fics under genres is weird. So I wouldn't blame you if you get confused. I confuse myself too.
  3. I like comments ;p. But, you don't have to. It's comforting if I know I have silent readers.
  4. Now I am not very confident in my writing. I actually think it sucks due to poor feedback/response I have received. lol But, don't let that stop you from reading any of my work!
  5. If you do decide to comment, please no mean ones. constructive criticism is considered.
  6. I update slowly. So please subscribe to my journal for updates.
  7. oh if you want to friend me, go ahead. But, you don't have to unless you really want to. My journal is open to all. But, I do like meeting new friends. I am VERY nice. REALLY.
  8. Age restriction is indeed used in my journal, but I do not enforce it. I just advise anyone who might be under 13, or for R-rated fics, 18, to read with caution. But, My writings aren't hardcore or too explicit.
  9. When it comes to smut, my writing and descriptiveness isn't much to par. so in other words, I don't write much smut, but I do in fact write it from time to time and some of my fics do include rated scenes.
  10. I am now trying to improve my writing skill and flow. I am also trying to work on character development, but that will take some time *cough* >.> so if my character personalities seem to mesh into one big blob of bleh and there isn't much distinctiveness between them, then you know why. I just had to give a heads up.
  11. More fics will be added. So this is not all of my stories :D
  12. nothing else to say at the current moment, except, enjoy ;p

Now, the oneshots and drabbles will be categorized in verses, listed from most recent to oldest. Now, most of the oneshots and drabbles will be of song verse and will be indicated with . Here is a legend to follow to cease any potential confusion. More verses will be added accordingly.

 = part of the Heart verse.
 = part of the Haunted verse.
 = part of the Broken/Repair verse.
 = part of the Circle/eternal verse.
 = part of the Wind/breath verse.

Verse Directory: Broken/Repair || Wind/Breath || Circle/Eternal ||

  Broken/Repair Verse:

Strangers (Can't Be Friends)  oneshot
Pairing(s): Jaechun
Genre: angst
Rating: R
Summary: If he had known things would've turned out as they did, he would've never even kissed him; that kiss marking the beginning of falling in love and there's just no taking things back. But, he can't stay friends with him. So they should remain strangers.
Inspiration: Trey Songz 'Can't Be Friends'
Companion piece: Incessant Rain

Goodbye  oneshot
Pairing(s): none. ot5!friendship
Genre: light angst
Rating: Pg
SummaryWhat happens after goodbye? Do we ever meet again with hello or do we just part ways leaving memories of what was and used to be?
Inspiration: Spice Girls 'Goodbye'

Late Arrival       oneshot
Pairing(s): Jaeho
Genre: angst, tragedy
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: Would a person ever know what it feels like? To receive an out of date letter from a loved one, believed to be gone? But, to know the truth; To know the turn of events....Would it turn out to be too late?

Breaking Dishes  oneshot
Pairing(s): Jaeho, side of Jaemin
Genre: Light humor
Rating: R
Summary: waiting up for him. He can’t take it anymore. Where has his boyfriend gone? Why isn’t he home now, at three in the morning? Nothing to do. Losing his patience, he decides to throw a tantrum, trashing everything, waiting for his boyfriend’s return. His boyfriend?? Enjoying a little ‘night cap’ with another….. First it starts with a dish. Then furniture. What will this lead to? Will his suspicions of his boyfriend be proven to be true?
Rihanna 'Breaking Dishes'

Forgiveness            oneshot
Pairing(s): Past!Jaeho. 
Genre: Angst, Tragedy, mind!picker
Rating: Light R
Summary: The aftermath of the horrible act committed against his one love. Will the guilt eat him alive? Will revenge be sought for the death of Jaejoong? Junsu stands by his promise: when he says he will always be by his brother's side. Yunho strives to seek forgiveness as the real culprits try to conceal their crime. Will whatever that's in the darkness, finally step foot into the light?
Companion piece: Confession

Confession            oneshot
Pairing(s): Jaeho, side of Jaechun and Jaemin
Genre: Angst, hinted Tragedy mind!picker
Rating: R
Summary:  It was done for love. It was done for his one and only. But, he will soon find out if it was all worth it in the end when he is on his last few breaths. What will his love think of the confession??
Companion piece:

  Wind/Breath Verse:

Under  oneshot NEW 
Pairing(s): none. ot5!friendship
Genre: angst, tragedy
Rating: Pg
Summary: one was meant to be in the sky. One was meant to be carried. One had hidden wings, but decided to remain bound to the ground. The other was meant to envy. One had his wings taken and so, became broken. 5different beings, 5 seemingly different fates. Just because one was given wings, doesn't mean the others can not fly or experience what it's like to have the wind beneath them.
Inspiration: Air Gear (anime) 'chain' (underwater mix-an insert song mainly) please feel free to listen while reading and excuse my typical fail :D

Ready? Set? Don't Go.  oneshot
Pairing(s): Jaesu
Genre: Angst, Tragedy, mind!picker
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: Birds are precious in their own way. They come in different varieties and all with a story behind each one. Would you treasure your own bird; have it under lock and key so they would never leave home? Or would you set them free, with the chance of them never returning, but with the slightest hope of them doing so? Going through strife, dealing with a disintegrating relationship, one must have the urge to set him/herself free, but unintentionally not knowing they have done so already, through the smallest action turned into a mistake.
So in short: Jaejoong always had taken a great interest in birds and had always wanted to know what it felt like to fly. Somehow along the way, he had met Junsu, a person who wanted to be the wind beneath Jaejoong’s wings; never once considering he himself had wings as well. Until the accident. Now Junsu finds himself in a cage with Jaejoong holding onto the key; keeping close hawk like eyes on him, not willing to let him go. With now broken wings, will they ever be able to take flight? Will there relationship ever be able to pick up on the wind once lost? Or will one of them finally be set free?

Inspiration: Some song from Hannah Montana lmbo

 Circle/Eternal Verse:

On The Corner  oneshot  NEW 
Pairing(s): Jaeho
Genre: light angst, sad romance
Rating: Pg-13
Summary:  And he stands on the street corner, waiting to meet with him again.
Inspiration: The Gospellers 'Machikado- on the street corner'

Incessant Rain  oneshot
Pairing(s): Past/broken!Jaechun, mention of Yoosu
Genre: Angst
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: Seeing him with another, creates a never ceasing downpour of emotions. How can one look forward to a brighter day, when each day passing, is nothing, but full of gloom?
Inspiration: Inspiration from Honey and Clover (anime): 'Incessant Rain' (an insert song).
Companion piece:

 Heart Verse:

Ashes  drabble  NEW 
Pairing(s): Jaeho
Genre: angst
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: It cackles beneath the heat-the love, as it becomes nothing more than ember.
Inspiration: Lim Jeong Hee: -재 (Feat. 방탄소년단) well, not entirely since I can't find the lyrics/translation anywhere. Just the title.

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